Frequently Asked Questions

No, we never charge for an initial consultation to help our clients evaluate their cases. However, we do charge for one-time visits for legal instruction, document preparation or document review.

We suggest that you speak directly with the attorney with whom you will be meeting in order to verify the exact information you should bring in with you. The necessary information will vary depending on the type of case and the issues involved. Generally speaking, bring any paperwork that you think may be relevant to your issue.

The retainer amount will vary widely depending on the case and the issues involved, and  sometimes there is no retainer required (for example, most injury and accident cases require NO MONEY unless we get money for your case). This will be discussed with you during your initial FREE consultation, as well as any payment options that may be available.

The Law Office of Jennifer Armstrong-Souza prides itself on offering the very best representation, with the lawyer handling all aspects of your case.
Our paralegals’ roles are mainly clerical.